How to Maintain Sectional Sofa?

If you ask which is the most comfortable sofa bed for your living room, I would easily say it’s the sectionals. Though they are the best, it is bit hard to clean them just like other sofas. There is no exact way to clean sofa especially sectional sofa. There are many ways to clean, but there is caution when you are cleaning sofa. The sofa is not same to other furniture but there are some special tips to clean like you are not allowed to make it too wet to keep the good smell, and you are not allowed to dry using the dryer because it can worsen the smell and bacteria. You have to be careful when you are cleaning sofa. You also have to be adventurous to clean the sofa like you have to try one trick to another trick. Make sure that you use different ways in cleaning but you keep the basic rules we have mentioned above. It is to avoid worse dirt and bacteria.

Although you have different ways in cleaning, you will not get lost. The detergent to wash is also special. You have to pick the right wash detergent so you will get the maximum result. What are ways to clean sectional cafe? As we have mentioned about the basic rules, these tips are just the development of the rules so you will understand ways or technique to clean your sofa. Here are the basic guides to clean sofa. Make sure that you read carefully so you will not miss anything.


Keep away the dirt and trash

Before you use the product of detergent wash for cleaning sofa or any product, you have to keep the trash and dirt away stuck on the surface of the sofa. You can use clothes, brush or vacuum cleaner. Make sure that the brush you use in a vacuum cleaner is smooth so you will not harm the surface of the sofa. The smooth brush keeps the surface smooth too. It is different when you randomly use type of brush that might destroy the surface

Hand the dirt or stain

You can use wet tissue or microfiber cloth that has been wet too. Focus on the stuck dirt first. Check first before you continue cleaning the surface to avoid bad things happen.

Clean the entire surface

When you have used wet microfiber cloth, you have to rub slowly and then wait for minutes to let the detergent work well. You just need to make the microfiber cloth moist to make it work well. The detergent wash just needs times to make it work well. Don’t be in a rush to wipe clean when you use the detergent wash for cleaning sofa.


Some of the people use the dryer to make it dried, but it will be better to let them dry naturally. It will keep your sofa durable when you can dry it naturally and avoid hair dryer usage to make it dry. Always make sure that you are aware on durability issue.

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